5 in 1 QI Wireless Charger LED Desk Lamp With Alarm Clock

Product name: Multi-function desk lamp three-in-one wireless charge

Features: Creative product design, 5 in 1 wireless charging + desk lamp multi-function,

Double coil charging (phone can be charged horizontally/vertically),

LED lamp three-color switch, with alarm clock, time display,

Iwatch wireless charging (not including Iwatch wireless charging cable)

Material: ABS + PC

Product color: black, white

Product size: 106*60*277mm

Interface: Type - c

Input voltage: 9V/2A

Wireless output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W

Airpods output: 3W

LED output: 4W

USB output: 5V/1A

Charging efficiency: 75%

Light color: white, warm color, warm white, free switching

Operating frequency: 100-205khz

Transmission distance: 2-6mm